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Christmas Tree Farm

Special Thanks to the Orange County Sheriff's Department

- Receive a Letter from Santa -

A special team of elves from the Recreational Committee, the Randolph Senior Center and the Joslyn House are collaborating with the Randolph Village Post Office to make sure that kids from the tri-town area who leave a letter for Santa at the Village Post Office between November 30th and December 18th will receive a personal, handwritten letter back! Letters must be left in the red mailbox otherwise we cannot guarantee that a letter will be mailed back. Children must clearly write their full name and a return address in their letter to make sure Santa’s letter reaches them.

This holiday season the Randolph Recreation Department is inviting businesses and residents in Brookfield, Braintree and the greater Randolph area to deck the halls and compete in an outdoor holiday decorating competition! 

Contestants have a chance to win a $50 cash prize in the following categories:

1) Best Window Display (for Commercial Businesses)

2) Most Festive (for Commercial Businesses)

3) Most Whimsical (for Residents)

4) Most Illuminated (for Residents)

5) Most Original (for Residents)

Click here to see prize info and rules. 

Click here to be redirected to the town's

official recreation website to register for the contest.

*There is no entry fee to participate.*

Winter Lights 

2020 Tri-Town Tour

- With Special Guest-

Santa Claus

This year the Winter Lights parade will be hitting the road to visit folks in the tri-town area!

Children will get the opportunity to wave to Santa and see a small display of lighted vehicles.


We will not have open registration to the public for parade entries this year. For the health and safety of our community, the Rec Dept. is discouraging people from various households to gather to create a float. Instead, we are asking a select group of families or family-owned businesses to decorate their own vehicles or float.

We will traveling on main routes that are plowed frequently to ensure a safe and expeditious trip between towns.

Click here to see the parade route. 

Please note, we cannot guarantee that we will reach a destination at an exact time but we will do our best.



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