Vermont Technical College

is co-hosting the

2020 Winter Lights Parade!


Festively decorated horses, carriages, livestock, parade floats, large puppets, musicians or well-lit novelty automobiles are just some of the few things we would love to see.


Each entry form will be reviewed by the Winter Lights committee prior to acceptance to assure that the description on the entry form is in accordance with the rules and regulations. CLICK HERE to view the rules and regulations. There is a $10 fee to enter and compete for a chance to win a monetary prize. The $10 fee is put toward other community events put on by the Recreation Department.


The deadline for submitting a registration form is Thursday, December 5th at midnight. If your entry is approved, you will be contacted via email or phone. The week of the parade, you will receive information via email notifying you of your placement number in the parade along with other key information. The contact information of the event coordinators will be given to you in case there are any questions.


There is a $10 fee to enter.

All entry fees are used to pay for prize money

Click here to register online at the

Randolph Rec Page

Contact the Randolph Recreation Department with any questions:

Phone: (802) 728-5433 ext. 18 


Compete in the Parade to Win a Cash Prize!

Preparing Your Entry


If you are creating a float:

  • Obtain an auto power inverter to power your lights through your vehicle or use battery-operated LED lights.

  • Choose waterproof or freeze-proof material for your decorations.

  • Test all lights, animations and decorations within 24 hours of the event.


If you are showcasing livestock:

  • Please be sure that your animals are comfortable around loud noises and large crowds.

  • We ask that the animals be clean and presentable for the event.

  • Please give your animals ample time to digest and relieve themselves before the event to reduce clean-up during the event.

  • Animal units must have their own clean-up crew.


If you are walking:

​​    •  You may determine how many lights you'd like to display.

    •   Use discretion wearing a costume. Masks affect your sight, making             it more difficult to see in the dark. 

We ask that all participants take home everything that they came with. If any valuable personal belongings are left behind and found, we will try to identify the owner and contact them. If we cannot identify the owner, those items will be donated or disposed of.